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A business statistics reporting product and service offered to companies and local authority/LEP organisations by the East Midlands Chamber

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The Collective Intelligence Skills Observatory (CISO) is a tool to help educators, businesses and citizens to better understand the skills landscape of their local area. It does this by presenting different data sets designed to give a complete picture of the offerings of educators, the needs of businesses, and the skills-levels within communities.

Its aim is to help people make better decisions when it comes to the world of education and work. For a college this might be how to best design curriculum, for a business this could be the most effective routes for recruitment, for an individual it might be a better understanding of the work opportunities in their area.

Skills Observatories

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Leicester and Leicestershire

Skills Observatory for Leicester and Leicestershire

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Stoke-on-trent and Staffordshire

Skills Observatory for Stoke-on-trent and Staffordshire

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West Midlands Region

Skills Observatory for West Midlands Region

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The Worcestershire Skills Hub

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