The higher education graduates outcomes helps understand the destinations of students after graduting from higher education. For clarity on data collection, please navigate to HESA Website.

The dashboard presents destinations of graduates from higher education by industry, occupation, salary bands and their reflections on various indicators.

An understanding of Higher Education Graduate activity can be used to assess the performance of recent graduates from local HE Institutes, and the main industries and salaries being achieved. This can be helpful in career planning and workforce benchmarking activity, as well as helpful to understand performance when considered against the supply-side Higher Education study area dashboards.

  • Source: Higher Education Statistics Agency
  • Timeline: 2020/21
  • Last Updated: 5 January'24
  • Note: This data is updated in line with Higher Education Statistics Agency release dates.
  • Upcoming release date: November'24
  • High skill jobs: Include graduates in occupation working as 1) managers, directors and senior officials, 2) professional occupations and 3) associate professional and technical occupations.
  • Medium skill jobs: Include graduates in occupation working as 1) administrative and secretarial occupations, 2) skilled trades occupations and 3) caring, leisure and other service occupations.
  • Low skill jobs: Include graduates in occupation working as 1) sales and customer service occupations, 2) process, plant and machine operatives and 3) elementary occupations.
  • Paid employment: Indicates the graduate is working for pay.
  • Voluntary work: Indicates the graduate is in unpaid employment to benefit others.
  • Self-employment: Indicates the graduate is running their own business.