The title and skills include common skills, certifications and specialised skills advertised in job postings. For clarity on data extraction, please navigate to EMSI Website.

The dashboard presents top 10 titles that belong to top 5 occupations producing largest jobs in each sector. Along with titles are top 10 soft skills, hard skills and certifications that are advertised in latest job postings.

An understanding of the current top job postings in a local authority areas and the associated skills and certifications they require can be helpful in understanding the skill requirements of businesses for roles being produced. This is particularly helpful in identifying and mismatches when compared against the supply-side dashboards that show current skills being developed at different levels of qualifications.

  • Source: Lightcast
  • Timeline: August'22 - December'23
  • Last Updated: 5 January'24
  • Note: This data is updated in line with Lightcasts' update cycle.
  • Specialised skills: These are technical skills required for a particular job.
  • Common skills: These are soft skills required for nearly all job postings.
  • Certifications: These are certifications or licenses required for the job.