As a funder or regulator, it is important to fund the types of qualifications that are going to be required locally. This will require funding parameters that allow Colleges and other educators to deliver the transferable Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours (KSBs) that are going to be needed in the local labour market. Having considered the KSBs likely to be the most commonly required, you will then move on to see to how these relate to suitable qualifications both now and in the future. You will finally see information on how these relate to occupations that are expected to grow, and in which sectors.

Following questions can be answered through the user journey:

  • What are the most commonly required KSBs for a sector/geography?
  • Which type of, or individual qualifications, are the most commonly required to undertake certain occupations?
  • What are the occupations expected to grow locally?
  • In what sectors will these likely to be required?
  • What are the barriers that need to be overcome to deliver the skills employers will require locally?

start of journey for funders and regulators