As a Professional or Awarding Body, you will initially see information on sectors and occupations expected to grow locally, and then move on to look at the Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours that are expected to be needed for employment and career progression in these occupations. You will then view current qualifications delivered for some or all of the KSBs required in these occupations. Finally, you will see where there are skills mismatches locally, to help support qualification development.

Following questions can be answered through the user journey:

  • What are the most in demand occupations by Sector over the next few years by Geography?
  • What KSBs might people need to work in these occupations?
  • Which type of, or individual qualifications are the most commonly required for opportunities in a Sector?
  • Where are the Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours mismatches currently, and where will they be in the future? This will help to understand what qualifications may be required locally.

start of journey for professional and awarding bodies