The apprenticeship standards covers the role of an apprentice and related knowledge, skills and behaviours needed to accomplish job responsibilities. For clarity on data extraction, please navigate to ifate Website.

The wordcloud presents keywords included in apprenticeships job postings on ifate website for knowledge, skills and behaviours.

An understanding of the Knowledge, Skills and Behaviour areas sentiment analysis taken form ifate apprenticeship postings can be helpful in identifying the top KSBs delivered through current apprenticeships by sector. This is particularly useful when comparing this to the KSBs businesses in those sectors have identified as being of most importance to them, allowing any mismatches to be identified.

  • Source: Insititute for Apprenticeships
  • Timeline: Latest Apprenticeship Postings
  • Last Updated: 30 April'23
  • Note: This data is updated in line with Institute for Apprenticeship postings.

Knowledge Logistics
Skill Logistics
Behaviour Logistics
Knowledge Manufacturing
Skill Manufacturing
Behaviour Manufacturing
Knowledge Sport and Health
Skill Sport and Health
Behaviour Sport and Health