The Key Stage 4 (usually GCSEs) provides national qualifications to pupils with subject categorised into 'core' and 'fundamental' subject areas. For clarity on data collection, please navigate to Department for Education Website.

The dashboard presents number of students entering and completing English and GCSEs or Baccalaureate.

An understanding of pupil Key Stage 4 attainment by local authority will help to identify stronger or weaker areas, total number of individuals with different attainment levels, and aid forward projection of future attainment levels and workforce potential by geography.

  • Source: Department for Education
  • Timeline: 2022/23
  • Last Updated: 05 January'24
  • Note: This data is updated in line with Department for Education release dates (November'24).
  • Average attainment 8 score: Average measure of individual student's progress across their 8 best performing subjects. It is a way to measure how well an individual has performed in key stage 4 (usually at 16 years of age).
  • State-funded schools: Include local authority maintained mainstream schools, academies, free schools, city technology colleges, further education colleges with provision for 14 to 16 year-olds and state-funded special schools. They exclude independent schools, independent special schools, non-maintained special schools, hospital schools, pupil referral units, academy and free school alternative provision.