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The industry projection data includes number of jobs and historical establishments. For clarity on data extraction, please navigate to Lightcast website.

The dashboard presents number of jobs and historical establishments by sector and geography. It also includes projection estimates of job growth based on model developed by Lightcast.

An understanding of industry projection and historical trends can be useful in helping to plan future knowledge, skill and behaviour needs in a local authority and for individuals in their own career planning. This can be particularly helpful when compared against the supply-side qualification dashboards to identify potential gaps.

  • Source: Lightcast
  • Timeline: 2021
  • Last Updated: 30 April'23
  • Note: This data is updated in line with Lightcast update cycle.
  • Jobs: The number of occupied positions. This is not quite the same as workers because one worker might fill more than one position.
  • Job growth: It is percentage of growth in jobs over 10 years compared to latest available year.
  • Number of businesses: It is the number of physical business locations.