The further education includes study after secondary education which is not part of higher education. It includes 3 types of technical and applied qualifications. For clarity on data collection, please navigate to Department for Education Website.

The dashboard presents students participating and completing further education with various subject and basic skills.

An understanding of the subject sector areas students are entering into in FE at a local authority level can be used to forward project the subject areas that a local area will have a specific strength in with regards to volume of people and any areas that may be under represented. This can be helpful for future workforce or study planning.

  • Source: Department for Education
  • Timeline: 2022/23
  • Last Updated: 5 January'24
  • Note: This data is updated in line with Department for Education release dates (November'24).
  • Aim enrolments: Aim enrolments is a count of enrolments at aim level (including component aims). Learners will be counted for each aim they are studying and so can be counted more than once.
  • Aim achievements: The number of learners who successfully completed the programme.
  • Aim particpations: The number of people who have attended one day or more on a learning aim in the given academic year. A learner studying more than one aim at the same provider at the same level is counted once in the line showing that level in tables. If studying at another level, they will also appear in that level, but a total count of learner participation will only count learners the once where studying at the same provider.
  • Basic skills: The ability to read, write and speak in English and use maths in everyday life. Skills needed to use basic technology to carry out a range of everyday activities are also considered to be basic skills.